iRacing Dodge Charger Dirt Late Model Decals Now Available  [05.19.17]
After many weeks of worth of work, I have have "completed" my Dodge Charger decals for the iRacing Dirt Late Model.  This decal package for the Dirt Late Model ended up being much more work than anticipated but I finally have something worthy of sharing.

iRacing 2014 Dodge Challenger Template Added  [01.17.15]
It's been a long time since I first started this template, and while I am still not satisfied with it, I have decided to go ahead and post it.  It has been sitting on my hard drive for months in it's current state so I figured I might as well share it.

Cup Gen6 Rear and Roof Cameras Added  [02.07.14]
Back in April 2013 I made some rear and roof cams for the iRacing Gen6 Cup car (both the Chevy and Ford).  I never got around to posting them here, but now they are up.  Both a 1024 and 2048 version are available as iRacing only allowed 1024 textures at the time.  You can find them in the iRacing section of the templates page.

iRacing Dodge Charger SLM Decals Added  [01.31.14]
It has been a really long time since I have updated the site.  To be honest, I haven't had much content worth posting in awhile.  I am now posting content for iRacing.  My NR2003 templates and add-ons will remain but no further work will be done for NR2003.  Today I have added my custom Dodge Charger decals for iRacing's new Super Late Model.  In the future I may add some shading, highlights, and other stuff, but for now I am just posting the decals.  They are available in the new iRacing Add-ons section of the download page.  If you like the decals, please consider donating a few bucks via the Paypal button or sending a few iRacing credits.

Holographic Pattern Sheet Posted  [10.08.07]
I have had this made for awhile, thought I had posted it but I guess somehow it slipped through the cracks.  Anyway now in the download section is a sheet of both the black and silver "holo tape".

2007 Dodge Ram Template Posted  [09.11.07]
Well it took a little while but the 2007 Dodge Ram has finally been posted.  While it is the "2007" template, I did not add the splitter or remove the lower grill box because it simply doesn't fit the model.  You will notice quite a big difference from my previous Dodge Ram templates.  I completely redid about 90% of the shading and added a lot more detail to the whole template in general.  If you have any comments or suggestions I invite you to join our forums if you have not already.

Evernham Style 07 Charger Template Added  [04.18.07]
I have added the Evernham Style 07 Dodge Charger template to the site.  The template includes the Evernham style grills complete with bars, bracing, and corresponding grill tape.  Also included is the Evernham rear spoiler by default.  I fixed a few problems with the quarter panel windows on the original template so I would suggest re-downloading it, if you need to update a car the layers that need to be updated are the Parts and Shading layers.

2007 Dodge Charger Template Added  [03.23.07]
I have added the all new 2007 Dodge Charger Template.  People have been asking for this for awhile about a 2007 template and up until recently I honestly had no plans to make one.  I guess you can thank everyone that emailed me and nagged me about it hehe.  Anyway now that its posted I need to explain some things.  For now this is just the stock 2007 Dodge Charger, I will be making add-ons such as the Penske/Evernham grills and such at a later date.  What you do get is 3 different styles of grill tape (see Readme).  Also many of the add-ons for the 2006 template, such as the different spoilers will be compatible with the 2007 version.  If you like the template please consider donating a few bucks via the PayPal button up there, site renewal is coming up soon and unfortunately the site doesn't pay for itself.

Added 07 Dodge Charger Logos For 06 Template  [02.26.07]
I have added the 2007 Dodge Charger logos to be used on the 2006 template to the downloads section.  I feel for now until we get new models this is our best option. is hard at work on the NNC07 Mod that will include all new models including the 2007 Dodge Charger.

Added 06 Dodge Charger LMPv2 Template  [12.17.06]
I finally got around to updating the Latemodel Project Version 2 Dodge Charger template.  I reworked a lot of stuff on the template from the first version that was posted at when the mod was originally released.

New Zone15 edition RSJR14 Chevy Template [09.23.06]
Ok guys its me RSJR14 and yes look my Chevy temp is on I know I can't fully believe it either, but thanks to Tyler the template is 90 times better with his add-ons and his tweaks. I hope that you enjoy this latest iteration of the template and thank Tyler if you get the chance for allowing me to do this.

Now Accepting Donations [08.17.06]
If you enjoy the work you find here at and would like to donate to help pay for the hosting costs I have included a Paypal Donation link at the bottom of the page.  I've paid for the hosting of this site out of my own pocket for the past 7 years so any help, even one dollar, would be greatly appreciated.